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Daily Report

After successful configuration of your channel, Chaos Genius will send you daily alerts regarding your Snowflake usage, including information about any anomalies detected in the system.

The message is divided into three main sections:

1. Anomalies & Failures

Under this section, customers will find the following sub-sections:

  • Warehouse Usage

    This subsection presents data about warehouses that have experienced anomalous spike in credit usage on that day.
  • Warehouse Idle Credits

    This subsection provides information on warehouses that are incurring cost due to idle credits.
  • Warehouse Performance

    This subsection displays information on warehouses that have had an anomalous spike in their performance metrics: Avg. Queued Time, Remote Spillage and Local Spillage.
  • User Activity

    This subsection provides information on the anomalous activity of different users on the system.
  • Query Usage

    This subsection displays the cost of failed queries and the total number of queries that have taken more than 5 hours to execute. It also includes specific details about the queries that have taken longer than 5 hours to execute, such as their execution time, warehouse used, user, cost, and Snowflake QueryID.
  • Pipe File Transfer Failure Rate

    This subsection lists all SnowPipes whose file transfer failure rate is significantly high.

2. Overall Usage

The Overall section provides a summary of the total credits used and their distribution by services, including Warehouse Metering, Auto Clustering, Pipe, etc. It also reports the total number of queries executed on that day.

3. Access and Governance

In this section, users will find comprehensive information about their Snowflake account management. This includes in-depth visibility across objects such as warehouses, users, and roles.

Users will receive notifications whenever a new warehouse is created or modified, ensuring they stay informed about any changes made to their account. Similarly, alerts will be triggered when new roles and users are added, enabling the customer to track any modification in their account infrastructure. Furthermore, the alert message will provide a list of users who have experienced a high number of login failures.

Examples of alert

Slack Alert

KPI alert sent via slack