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Chaos Genius

Chaos Genius is a DataOps Observability tool for reducing Snowflake costs and optimizing query performance. It allows you to dig deeper into your Snowflake costs and optimize your virtual warehouses and queries.


Chaos Genius offers the following features:

  • Snowflake Cost Explorer: Explore your Snowflake Costs & Credit Usage pattern across different Snowflake Services like Warehouse Compute, PIPE, Search Optimization, Auto-Cluster, Data Storage & Data Transfer
  • Warehouse Optimization: Monitor your Warehouse performance across key parameters like Warehouse Utilization, Idle Credits, Spillage, Queue times and more. Get automated recommendations to right-size your Warehouses.
  • Query Performance Optimization: Analyse workloads comprising 100s of millions of queries to identify top queries by costs, run-time, queue times, partitions scanned and more. Get automated recommendations to optimize your worst performing queries.
  • Table Storage: Get insights into tables & associated storage costs in your Snowflake instance. Locate unused tables and get recommendation to reduce Storage costs.
  • User Governance: Get insights into your Snowflake Account Usage by different roles & users.